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Epoxy Glass G10/FR4 Laminated Tube
Goods Description:

This tube is a glass fabric reinforcement in the epoxy resin binder. It’s natural color is light green, now with pigment, it has white, yellowish color. It is designed and made in accordance with industrial standards and provides the end user with dependable quality. This tube possess extremely high mechanical strength, better dielectric loss properties,  super electric strength properties under any conditions such as dry and humid environment.

Main property indication:




Heat Resistance






Flexural Strength


Shear Strength

≥18 N/mm2

Compressive Strength


Volume Resistively

Under normal

≥1.0×105 MΩ.cm

After immersion 24h

≥1.0×102 MΩ.cm

Insulation Resistance

Under normal


After immersion 24h


Proof Voltage at perpendicular to lamination

(transformer oil at normal for 5 min)


Proof Voltage parallel to lamination

(in transformer oil at normal for 5 min)


Surface Proof Voltage

(in normal air after humidity for 1 min)


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