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5.5 inch composite fast drilling bridge plu
Goods Description:It is mainly used for temporary or permanent plugging of oil, gas, and water layers. It can be used specifically for production well sealing, water blocking, fracturing, acidification, testing, etc.

5.5Fast Drill (Composite) Bridge Plug Instruction manual

1. Technical Parameters

Products Type: Y453DS/DTJ112×38

Casing Weight: #17.0-23.0 ppf

Min. Setting Range: 4.67(118.62mm)

Max. Setting Range4.89(124.26mm)

OD: 4.4(112mm)

ID: 1.5(38mm)

Length: 26(660mm)

Pressure Rating: 10000psi (70MPa)

Temp. Rating: 302 degF (150)

Shear Rating: 35000-40000lb(160-180kN)

Soluble Ball OD: 1.8"(45mm)

2. Executive standard

GB/T 20970-2007/ISO14310-2001 Oil and gas industry, Downhole tools, Packers and bridge plugs

3. Application

Be used for provisional plugging in oil and gas welland fracturing construction

4. Structure and Operational principle

Structure: It is mainly composed of soluble ball, mandrel, rubber cylinders, compound slips, cones, protection bowls, release / start pins, lower joint and so on.

Operational principle: The opposite power produced by setting toolwireline or transmitting hydraulic pressure in oil tubeacts on the lower joint, shears the starting dowels, and exerts compressive force on rubber cylinder through cone. Inside the tension range, compound slips dehisce and inlay the inwall of the casing, rubber cylinders expand to the inwall of the casing and seal up it, finish setting. When the tension rise to the shear rating, the starting dowels be sheared, and the setting tool separates from the bridge plug, filish releasing. After taking out the setting tool, the soluble ball that be put into the well will work hermetically with the head face of the mandrel. After fracturing, the soluble ball will dissolve gradually by means of electrochemical reaction with fracturing fluid or formation water. The solubility and solution time of the ball  refer to the soluble ball direction for use. Large ID fracturing compound Bridge plug can be quickly drilled out under the necessity of the after steps.

5. Fracturing

Fracture according to the requirements of construction design.

6. Drilling out

Recommend the use of special milling tools. Recommend rotation rate: 60150rpm, bit weight: 515kN, viscosity of drilling plug fluid: 1530mPa·s and minimum cyclic velosity: 36.6m/min, to make sure the debris circulates out.

After the preparation is done, start the screw drill and drill slowly into the bridge plug. Ensure continuous drilling speed by applying drilling pressure. The torque added to the drilling tool should not be greater than the recommended value. Excessive drilling pressure increases the friction resistance of the pipe string and results in large pieces of debris which must be salvaged separately.

7. Transportation and Storage

Bridge plug seals, shear pins, brittle parts and rubber parts need to be fully protected during storage and transportation. Before packing, check whether there are obvious marks or damp on the outer surface of the tool, and whether the sealing surface is damaged. Improper storage environment or mode of transport may lead to corrosion or degradation of the bridge plug.

During transportation, attention should be paid to the shock absorber on the outer packing pad to prevent bumps or shocks from breaking or pricking the rubber surface of the slips and preventing Rain Water or debris from entering the bridge plug.

The soluble ball shall be packed in vacuum, and the package shall not be opened prematurely before sinking.

To ensure indoor storage, the best storage state is to configure air conditioning to ensure constant temperature(20) and humidity(50%). If indoor storage is impossible, at least store on sheltered shelves.

Check regularly to ensure no corrosion or dust accumulation. If corrosion or dust accumulation is detected, it must be carefully cleaned and measures taken to prevent the recurrence of such a situation.

The exposed rubber parts must be wrapped in thick oil paper to prevent light, dust and external damage.

Use circular inventory method, that is, "first in first out" to ensure that inventory products do not expire.

Note: rubber parts are valid for two years under constant temperature (20) and humidity (50%).

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